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quick one, a tribute to barney bush, a wonderful dog, was with the president and mrs. bush 12 years, probably the best personal dog of any white house. president bush painted that tribute. he died on friday or saturday. >> there's not enough time to do mine so i'll share a fun fact. chewing gym makes you more alert. it makes your reaction time quicker and your mind sharper. >> if you chew gum with your mouth open you get a smack in the face. >> apology to horse lovers. band fundraise, you save more time if you say clap. >> got it. >> clap. >> i spent the super bowl at our executive producer's house this weekend, and i must say, his friend there was a wonderful, smart lady who turns out to have been a prima ballerina both in london and new york.
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she couldn't have been nicer, kinder, and we had a great time and it was a great party and we enjoyed it. it's like seeing babe ruth at one time. >> you didn't hit on her, did you? >> i certainly did not. >> who made better taco dip, me or porter. >> don't put me in that bind. >> was there velvetta in it? that's it for us, we'll see you >> north korea dropped a new video. we will have the latest scoop and interview with the stars. and why does president obama think it is okay to kill americans ? what does he care?
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it is not like they are his fellow country men. and babies wearing perfume? the story so bad it stinks. greg? >> happy anniversary, greg? >> anniversary? >> you forgot, didn't you? >> what anniversary. >> what is the anniversary of? >> well, we met in a bar on 9th avenue about eight years ago. you were watering a tight t-shirt and i was crying in the corner because someone rolled me. >> i didn't know that was you. i didn't realize something happened? >> i appreciate your compassion and i will never forget that moment. >> it was something like that. >> actually it is the "red eye" anniversary. we are six years and one hour old. >> that is so true. i have had enough of talking
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to you. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. >> she is so british she sleeps in a tea kettle. i am here with i'm ma -- immogen lloyd webber. her later book is called "the twitter diaries." and georgia attorney patrick milsaps. and in san francisco he is considered a go cart. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if he were laundry, i would pay 75 cents to do him every sunday. and the fox report. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> has noco, gone loco? a bizarre north korean video, is there any other kind, jonathon, features an american city under attack. it is to the strains of "we are the world."
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>> god, i hate abba. it was posted on something called youtube by the country state run media. and it shows a man dreaming about a flying -- a man flying a space shuttle around a world. it also features video i'm memgs -- images with sub titles, quote, somewhere in the u.s. black clouds of smoke are billowing. it seems the nest of wickedness is a blaze with a fire started by itself. what the hell. let's play it.
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>> you know, they convinced me that we all do deserve to die. former ambassador and current president of "red eye" tells fox news the film is another disturbing reminder that a nuclear capable north korea is a threat in the region. he takes the fun out of everything. on tuesday north korea posted a second video to youtube. >> didn't she used to work on "red eye"? jonathon, you claim to be a reporter though we see no evidence of it. at least here on fox news. this is really a work of art. it is not a political statement. >> it is fabulous and
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everybody should calm dawn. why are we worried about this? they have taken clips from call of duty 3, modern warfare and dubbed it with the worst pop song ever written, thank you, michael jackson. >> so are these video makers i would imagine by now. i mean if this is a sign of the the -- really, if this is a sign that north korea's technical prowess it will be decades before they invent the vcr, never mind a nuclear weapon. >> it is almost encouraging. how can a country without a decent u tube video have a nuclear weapon? is it possible it could be made of tin foil and a coat hangar? >> the sad thing is "we are the world" is a new song for them. it is the number one korean billboard 100. the problem is where i live, if you want something done, you get a crazy cousin to do it and see if they get in trouble. that's where north korea is.
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it is not that north korea is the problem. who will come to north korea and say i know you are so crazy, but we want you to do this. try this, crazy cousin. syria or iran figure out that north korea is this crazy, they could really do some damage. >> that's an interesting theory. a lot of times it is what me and andy do with bill when we are out drinking. bill, we are hungry. go in there and steal something. and then bill gets beaten up and often worse than beaten up. that's what he likes. imogen -- >> that's the reward. >> yes, that's the payoff. what do you think the message of the video is? >> they are sabre rattling. it is a bit of a conspiracy theory. it is the first time they have ever done something like this. google has sent a google delegation to north tory yaw. north korea. john mccain is unhappy and the state department is unhappy, and then suddenly google came out with the map
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of north korea. so we should blame google for the video. >> it is the first time we ever saw an in depth look of the terrain of north korea. bill, you ruled north korea with an iron fist from 1978 to 1980. or it might have been a stinky fest. i can't remember. >> there was a member who said, and i quote, i think this is bluster. the good news is while they are evil, they are not stupid. they know they would lose. first of all, why are we talking to kato from china when we need to be focusing on north korea. >> it is a libertarian thing. it is not the sidekick to the green hornet. >> i think they will show it is the psychics of the green hornet. let's go to the tape. all right bruce lee. i think they might be stupid. let's look at the video. what they have got here is 80s era songs coupled with 90s era graphics. the message is we are supposed to be afraid of that. i think they might be so stupid that they think this is even more threatening than the
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iran space monkey and quite frankly the iran space monkey scares me to death. >> i want to make 16 short points before we move on. couldn't this, jonathon, be the olive branch? say there is a crazy person that wants to be friends or a psycho path. they don't know how to do it. this could be a crazy person's way of saying, hey, we like you. we like your music. we like fire all over your buildings to keep you warm with. >> you sound like a criesy person. a crazy person. >> you have to think crazy to understand crazy. >> you are very good at that. >> they are pulling our pig tails. >> anytime anybody sends you a gift which has on it "we are the world" they are trying to insult you and trying to offend you. >> i think oi got. it they are all food deprived. thousands are dying. i think there must be some sort of link between them or starving and wanting food or money for charity.
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>> there are all of those sanctions. >> theoretically, shouldn't we be rioting in the streets? >> this is like an anti-muslim video. what do we burn? we like our stuff. >> she is right now scrolling through netflix going what can i blame this on? i think i saw this once before. >> bill, last word to you. >> if north korea wants to impress us they can tell us why dan akroyd was in the video to begin with. never understood that. >> it ruined the whole image. >> it was perplexing. >> i don't know why we don't save those people and invade the darn place. >> they have a nuclear weapon in the sky. >> we don't know that. >> i don't believe it. >> you don't think we have nuclear weapons either? >> i don't believe we need to be worried about theirs. we like to keep everybody fearful. >> with korea with love from
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death from above. when should the drone be used on our own? the justice department memo, is there any other kind says the government can order strikes against americans if it believes their senior al-qaeda leaders. even if there is no intel, pointing to an active plot against the u.s. indeed the white paper -- how racist. the paper first reported by nbc news introduces a broader definition of imminent attack that is described publicly by u.s.ish ifs. it states, quote, the conditions that an operation alleyeder presents an imminent attack does not require the u.s. to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interest will take place in the immediate future. that was confusing. they call it a chilling document that sets limits on targeted killings that are elastic and vaguely define. sounds like andy levy underwear. for more let's go to the
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correspondent who is watching developments. >> it is time to pass a federal budget. to apply more pressure to the president and the democrats, republican leaders say if a budget is not passed, they will try to prevent members of congress from being paid. if it is a good idea let us know what you think. >> patrick, i would rather be wrong than be a hipocrite. i was for the drones under bush and i am for the drones for obama. what bothers me are people who switch. what is your problem with drones? >> first of all i am going to be ticked if james cameron was wrong about sky net. >> that's next. >> this is the most dangerous pages produced in a longtime. it exposes huh poke craw see and sank tau mown -- sank sank tau mown knee on both sides. it is a timid response from them. >> you know the other thing
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about that retiring to the word chilling. >> you have the layoff that is silent and you have the ride that is completely silent because they don't want to appear soft. a legalized assassination of american citizens. i don't want them to make martyrs out of this, but this is a constitutional issue that you are protected by the constitution of the united states senate as a citizen and they have thrown it out. >> one other thing on this, this has exposed the sank sank tau mown knee of this gun debate. anytime they talk about it they are called survivalists and they are called crazies. and now there is a sick teen-page memo the government is coming after them. maybe they show rethink the gun debate. >> maybe we are not so crazy after all. imogen, according to the 16-page white paper, we could now end is a drone into buckingham palace and kill an
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american. >> quite frankly, yes, you could. i have been ranting about this for a very longtime. i think this is the biggest threat to president obama is legacy. i think it is incredibly dangerous. he is basicking trying to turn this into homeland crossed with terminator. you are talking about american citizens here. you cannot throw american citizens in jail indefinitely or fascinate them or execute them without trial just based on intelligence. intelligence can be wrong. weapons of mass destruction. on an international level are we talking war here or assassination. the international law is all over the paper. you have 40 countries developing armed drones. what happens when china and iran start using armed drones of the the -- armed drones. it is a huge threat to america. >> she feels strongly, jonathon, much more strongly than i do. i was thinking about the chinese food i am having later. >> buy american.
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>> a lot of people were talking about the assassination of american citizens. to me they are not american citizens so i don't care. >> i i am not overly concerned. there is no chance of a drone being used there. >> i agree with patrick. the left utterly failing to condemn obama as they would have done had this been carried out. there are members of the right i think patrick who are going after obama on this. if it the been bush and cheney they would have been applauding it saying oh do you mind? >> this is all about water boarding. the left wanted to avoid that. >> you kill them before you water board them. i think we should take it much further and start targeting
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people according to many criteria. are you listening to michael buble and boom goes the drones. >> by 20/20 there will be 30,000 drones above america snooping on americans. this is a massive issue and it is crazy. >> i'm with bill. i read further into this. the aclu calls the memos limits on target killings and they are vaguely defined like bill schulz's sexuality. why do you think the aclu dragged you into this? >> they are faming me. >> that's on you. >> i think it is well defined. it is different on any given day. >> you got my tuesday e-mails. they are completely different on wednesday. >> don't like the cut of your gym on that day. >> the overwhelming american sentiment on this is great. it is just not in my backyard. they already said they will make sure that drones are outlawed when and if they end
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up so american soil. if it happens overseas, nobody seems to care. that's it. the left have responded. just because it is not report owed this channel or some other it doesn't mean it didn't happen. >> i have heard this on the other channel. >> 24 democratic congressmen in june of 2012 wrote a strongly worded letter to obama. what is more dangerous re-- dangerous than jones? >> he was extremely inconsistent and screamed about this. meanwhile tory -- is that a name? tori spelling? >> she is a libertarian and came out because it is obama and wasn't for it before. >> four weeks ago. >> he changed his mind a couple times. forget all of this. it goes back to what i'm ma general says. the technology is that drones are already going to be able to fit in the palm of your hand. we will have our own drones. that means for women it is
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like a little drone dog in your purse. a mysterious guise coming at you. drones will be robot pets. >> i'm telling you. >> i will see your drones for girls and use the drones drones for predators. i can use them to follow imogen home and she doesn't see it happen and disrobing happens on my lab -- lap p to. >> a camera drone is a peeper. >> i kind of reserve judgment on him, but i question that he does not have control of his client. we as lawyers have to tell our clients no, and he will sell whatever obama wants him to say. >> it is ideology. that's what it is. he is run by ideology and not by spying. >> is that what you call it? >> to assume we give this foot hold to this government and to
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assume it is going to be limited to this vague thing like you said in 10 years we will have drones all over the place. >> romney might do better? he is making up a document for drones saying this is how you should use drones? romney loses and then we hear about this. >> i find this very dronist. by the way, they are sentian beings of the all of you people will look stupid 50 years from now when they say let's play red eye when they were making fun of us and the drones are sitting around going dronist, dronist, dronist. not me. i like them and there will be a statue of me in every drone's house, and i will be the one that is spared along with my grandkids puffy and poopy. i know. they both had medical disorders. coming up, what is up with pippa and prince harry. jonathon hunt on his extra
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nick pells. yes, he will fame them. >> we report, ray lewis burns his clothing.
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a baltimore ravens cheerleader, is there any other kind, said she wasn't allowed to go to the super bowl because she was too fat. courtney lynn, the cheerleader, was telling anyone who would listen was punished for a slight weight gain, under two pounds, earlier this season. the 23-year-old tumbler explained on "geraldo at larnl" that when she didn't make the championship roster she asked the director why. >> she said i had a rough year. she said anybody that has some sort of disciplinary action toward them was automatically
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disqualified. the only disciplinary action was i was benched for two games for gaining a little weight. >> you compare it to the building in the back and she is huge. she also said this. >> i just want to open some eyes up. it is just absolutely ridiculous that they put that much pressure on us. i have a good friend that left the team during the season because they wanted her to lose weight and she is like, no, this is my healthy weight. we work out every day. they want us to be tiny year than average, but what kind of message is that putting out to the little girls and the role models ? >> maybe the message is you have to be really, really, really, really trim to be a cheerleader? who knows? then she said they should go by percentage of body fat and not just weight. in response to the controversy the ravens released a statement saying our selection process was based upon three criteria, senority, ability and personal performance. as much as we would like to take the whole team we can't do so due by the parameters
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set by the nfl. the soul eating robots received its own rejection letter regarding a spot in this year's half time show. ♪ we are just regular businessmen ♪ ♪ just you and me and teddy bear ♪ >> that was soul crushing. imogen, say a welter weight, ie a boxer or fighter, gains too many pounds he can't fight. why shouldn't cheerleaders also beheld to some kind of standard? >> this is completely ridiculous. it is a two-pound weight gain. i am a girl that can gain seven pound in a day eating uh spare gus retaining water. let's say out of all of the cheerleaders, she is the one we are talking about. if you look at the small print she had a full time job and was doing her college degree and hadn't put the hours in. and so that's why she she wasn't taken.
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>> you were briefly a cheerleader for the ravens and things didn't work out either. it was not a weight problem. >> it was an exter will that jenna tale yaw problem. genitelia problem. they were only allowed 32 cheerleaders. is she wining because she is not as good? >> yes. they have their criteria and she didn't make the cut. hard luck. it is like me going to the ravens saying take me, starting quarterback to the super bowl. they would say you are too old, too short and too fat. she has no case. stop whining. imogen is right. she is the one we are talking about. she has done what she set out to do. >> patrick you said you didn't like cheerleaders, period and women's places should be in the kitchen and not on the football field?
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>> well i will point out that this is the second time i have been on "red eye" and the second time you brought up a fat story. the next time i am on it is patrick milsap, resident fat guy. this is silly. the problem is first of all she is a marketing major. so clearly she wins. secondly she is 23. this is the entitlement society gone mad. we are all owed something, and if we are not owed something we will complain and get our 15 seconds of fame on jeraldo. there is a larger issue that if we are owed something you can get on the news and say i am too fat to be on the ravens team. >> you know we had standards at "red eye" about the amount of teeth you can use due to crystal meth which bill violated on occasion. >> i came in under weight.
12:28 am
i had to pound some green room cookies before i could go on air. the real winner is courtney. exactly what you said. name one other nfl cheerleader by name right now. if this is a weight issue, however, i condemn the baltimore franchise because she is gorgeous. she is only fat in all of the right areas. secondly if the baltimore feels this way about their cheerleaders in the locker room they should have a seen right above the exit door that says quote the raven, eat no more. >> you said name some more cheerleaders besides courtney lynn? courtney johnson, courtney sal p son. >> you can put a courtney in front of any name expru a cheerleader. >> if you want your kid to be a cheerleader name them courtney. >> you know who was a
12:29 am
cheerleader? mike tobin our chicago bureau was a cheerleader at arizona state. >> i bet he would like to be a tumbler. >> he thinks of himself as a gymnast. >> now i look at him differently and i will be searching for those photos on-line. >> he gets wednesday. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have an e-mail of your -- do you have a video of your pet doing something? still to come the half time report. he is a cheer loser. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by cheetahs. those wild african cats with slender bodies and long legs that help make it the fastest mammal. thanks, cheetah.
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dismie imogen says -- imogen says i am wearing a nice top. it really is -- not for men. we have to find out if we have anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> smooth as always. >> yes. >> north korean video. jonathon you said we should calm down about this and the production values are so awful that they show they are years away from having vcr's let alone nuclear weapons. >> they don't have ones that can reach us.
12:34 am
i mean, really? are we going to fall for that line again? i honestly think they are a long, long way away. >> i would agree. they don't have a rocket system. >> it is a completely different thing. getting a nuclear weapon and being able to get it to such miniature size that you can put it on a warhead. people need to understand that. those technologies are years and years away. >> they can walk it into a tunnel in south korea. >> they could. that's south korea. >> all right. well i didn't realize you hated south koreans. >> i love south korea. >> we see where you stand. >> i don't know how many tunnel had there are. >> have you been at the tunnel? >> yes. >> hims i'm laughing. >> -- i'm sorry i'm laughing. >> that's okay.
12:35 am
>> i was in the army. >> i think of you as a garden gnome. >> but a patriotic gnome, andy. >> are you suggesting that garden gnome cannot serve your country? >> no, and i'm sure -- >> if women can be in combat garden gnomes can be. >> you don't have to thank me. it wasn't a service to your country. >> thank you for saving us in world war ii. i no i you were there. >> i was there. winny and i were on the beaches. you said the problem is not north korea, but iran and sear you getting them to do the dirty work. it is also not like those countries aren't afraid of their own dirty work, right? >> you are right. they also have diplomatic relationships with those that they need.
12:36 am
i ran needs russia and other places. it is the crazy red neck cousin. if you can get somebody else to do it for you and not get the blame, then why not? i think that was a tom clancy novel. >> i am one so i can say it. >> but then again if you don't have a crazy red neck cousin, then that means you are the crazy red neck cousin, right? >> could be, yes. >> imogen you said you -- we should blame tabooing gel. in fact, it is owned by google owned youtube because of a complaint from activision. >> i would still like to know what the delegation was doing. john mccain was upset. >> they were creating awareness. >> bill and greg, kato is not
12:37 am
a think tank nor the green hornet assistant. really can't believe you didn't know that. >> you are so wrong. kato was the green hornet's sidekick. >> he was the assistant. >> what was the green hornet side connection? >> qato. >> well you can't say i was wrong because of another option. >> wasn't he in the o.j. simpson murder trial? >> i actually had drinks with him once. it was an interesting time. jay the inspector's servant? >> kato kaelin. >> i don't know who that is. >> he never called me. >> i don't think he knew where to -- how to work a phone. >> he had nice highlights. he could barely read. >> found all of those pictures in the trees though or whatever. >> yes, he was good at that. >> drones killing american citizens. you said the administration has thrown out the constitution on this.
12:38 am
they say an informed high level official is all that is needed to understand if the due process is met for the killing of an american citizen. i assume it must say this in the constitution. and then i barrowed his copy and read it from front to back and it doesn't say that anywhere. you are right. >> it is confusing to me. how can they do that? >> imogen, you said you can't throw american citizens in jail without due process. but justice justice o'connor wrote that, quote, due process dend mad that -- demanded they must be given a meaningful opportunity to contest the factual basis before a neutral decision maker. you are right. i don't understand any of this. >> that is the anniversary thing. >> the thing is you could argue imogen that it doesn't apply to u.s. citizen who represent an imminent threat
12:39 am
to america. >> you are basing it on intelligence. it was not where we went to war with iraq. >> you can't use that as an example. we were right a million other times. >> they define etd i'm -- defined imminent threat down so much it doesn't apply. >> it is vague. you don't know where it begins or where it ends. i understand they are alarmed. >> i am not sharing it. >> i don't share. it but i under it. >> the alcohol thing. that is a put on. >> if i was alex jones i would be very scared. >> if you were alex jones you would go like this. >> if americans are waging war then as far as they are concerned you are not american citizens. >> what is an inform etd -- an informed high level official order had the killing of is
12:40 am
that person and then turns out they are wrong? >> woops. >> these are things that maybe there has to be some kind of -- what are those things called? >> lincoln logs. >> there should be some stop gap procedures to make sure it doesn't happen. >> to me conservatives are supposed to be distrustful of government claims. why do you assume because the government says someone is working with al-qaeda that they are ?r. >> in the pursuit of war have we not killed innocent people accidentally? >> now we are talking about targeting them. >> it would be an accident if we got the wrong person. oops, they weren't really a member of al-qaeda. the technology is different, but is the act of war any different than it was 200 years ago in terms of innocent people are killed as collateral damage. >> this is not collateral
12:41 am
damage. we are talking about specifically targeting people and targeting american -- >> what happened in the air raids at world war ii. >> we are talking about american citizens who are supposed to be able to prevail themselves with the constitutional rights. >> they have michael buble. >> nobody is saying that is a bad thing. >> as long as we have clear. >> that's in the white paper the buble ago exception. >> he is canadian. >> wasn't that a dan brown book? >> no, it was like the born protocol. it is the buble exception. 700 pages. it was just him running through europe and playing the piano and he would run and stop and play the piano. just like bourne protocol. >> just to get off topic -- on this point i am not add vaw
12:42 am
kiting the government is -- advocating the government is powerless on this, but they need to declare revoked citizenship or declare them as a combatant. and. >> and give them a warning? joy that's a good point. >> i can't believe they would revoke a citizenship without a process, really? >> i was just using -- >> apparently they can do a lot without due process. >> isn't it better thought to have a big question talking about who is an enemy combatant and who isn't? now we know where to go. the president made the decision. he is the one responsible if it goes wrong. at least somebody is saying the buck stops here. >> that would be important to people we erroneously i will c. >> we erroneously kill people all the time. >> not on purpose. >> you might be right. you are smarter than me.
12:43 am
i give up. >> oh don't give him that. i will open up a line and call it doo process. >> and will you sell tops some. >> yes. i will open up the product that says doo-doo. >> the cheerleader said she couldn't perform because putting on a couple of pounds. 27 cheerleaders didn't make the trip. and she is the only one that registered a complaint. she said what message is that sending to little girls as role models? maybe don't be a cheerleader. >> and there are a million women who would like that spot. >> andy, you said 27 if we are on the fact checking beat here. >> are you absolutely right. >> i have no problem admitting
12:44 am
when i am wrong. i'm done. >> go away. >> coming up, do you know where you are? you are in the jungle, baby. you are going to dye. dye. die. but first, u-de-baby. oh no they didn't at breakfast this morning. shut up, turtle.
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should little feet smell sweet? dolce and gabana is launching a line specifically for babies. the fragrance aimes to capture the smell of infants -- why do they need that -- a combination of baby powder, innocence and gasoline. half of the company, the
12:48 am
gabana half, says the perfume is, quote, designed to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl. that was "red eye"'s original tag line. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnddd. lightning round. >> at first i this thought this sounded nuts. kids smell like crap because all they do is crap. >> i don't really know any children, but i read on facebook. >> what they are like? >> babies apparently washed smell delicious. but when they are not washed which is a lot of time because they are pooping a lot of the time, maybe you need this perfume. you are a father. you under that. >> i have never changed a diaper, but told at one point my daughter used them. >> that's beautiful. >> what is the matter with good old baby powder? >> it doesn't smell like whiskye.
12:49 am
i always put a little dab on there so they smell like my favorite thing. >> how many kids do you have? >>23 that i know of. >> isn't this why capitalism is awesome? they see an opportunity, a void and they fill it? >> absolutely. i guarantee honey boo boo or snoopy's baby will be the spokes model for this line. it is the unemployment act for reality stars. >> bill, i heard you want to use this scent on yourself so that you might get breastfed. >> well, i actually have a we already have this. it is called baby powder. this is just 10 times more expensive. and baby powder works not just on babies. if you have ever been to a strip club that's what they smell like. every stripper smells like baby powder, period. >> that's a powerful statement. that will be in the wind up.
12:50 am
>> it is a powerful fact. if you would like to learn more log on to what strippers smell like .org. i am the web webmaster and i could use the views. time to take a break. don't think of leaving me now. joy of hate, there it is. go to any bookstore or order it from that's a website. and for an autographed copy check out g buy a hobbed of them. buy a hundred of them.
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british archaeologists, yes they have them, announced they found the 500-year-old remains of richard the third, the last english king to die in battle. researchers say dna taken from the skeleton found under a parking lot last year matches that of a london man who is the direct descendant of richard's sister. he died in 1988 of a drug over dose. >> what? >> no, during the war of the roses on which the kathleen turner film was made. john, you are a reporter, or so you claim. >> i don't claim this. >> do you bunk this none success or buy it? >> you know why they know it was him? he was famously stabbed in the butt. they found that. apparently they found evidence this skeleton was stabbed in the butt.
12:55 am
>> and also they said -- >> that's the worst painting ever. >> and he could have had a slender man. >> he could have been a baltimore cheerleader. >> he had a crooked spine and shakespear said he did and we were unsure whether shakespear was lying or not. this is fantastic and it restored my belief in twitter. with one direction and harry from one direction, the two days richard the third was trending globally on twitter and i thought there are good people on here. >> if you look at the spine it is like an s. you are like, that is one crooked dick the third. >> n a amazing story -- an amazing story. >> that was embarrassing.
12:56 am
>> that is true. >> wow. >> and you shouldn't care. i don't even know who richard the third is. big deal you were named after two other richards. there is like a million gregs before i came. got nothing really on this. bill we found you under a parking lot five years ago. >> just as crook cede. >> yes, that is true. >> amazing. i love it. they did the whole thing on hunch. >> he had a hunch. >> there was a woman who had a chill in the parking lot and they started digging. the story has everything. >> by the way, your spine would be crooked if you were stabbed in the butt. >> i can hardly wait. >> it is the post game wrap up from andy levy. to see recent shows go to fox
12:57 am eye.
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